Concept Projects 

garden gem.

a trip back to my favorite conservatory in Michigan.

floral headpeace.

sometimes i talk my photographer friends into modeling. concept inspired by my favorite visual artist Erica Fae.

somethin' different.

gathered some local Detroit baddies together for a photoshoot with rockstar vibes.

urban sand

sand and wind made for some amazing pictures on this shoot!


Halloween concept, a modern egyptian vampire queen.

sand & sea.

in my largest project of the year, i attempt to capture a few babes in an artsy way at the beach and dunes.

tulle & paint

my first attempt at an editorial beauty photoshoot.

moody motel

old run-down motel + banger model, dope pics ensued. 

tennis whites.

trifecta photoshoot all in white. 


before summer '19 ends I wanted to make sure I got my first swimming pool shoot in.

ugly location doubles

i'm inspired by the concepts around ugly locations. i find beauty in everything. 

détroit en vogue

babies first concept shoot. pretty gowns, bloggers & business owners.

Malaika Hilson Photography